The Company:

52 BioTechnology Ltd proudly takes on the importance of an across-the-board corporate approach and business strategy, as well as its marketing developments and 'before and after' sales support, while continuing to improve the distinctive PTS system and develop its product and services range.

The PTS technology comprises an exclusive instrument and an associated distinctive set of consumables. Used together they ensure not only rapid, on-site screening for toxic soil contamination, but also, significantly, that the data is valid and auditable, necessary for quick and effective remediation decision-making.

The instrument:

  The Portable Toxicity Screen (PTS)


  In-house produced consumables.

The PTS instrument is purpose-built to obtain simultaneous readings from ‘control’ and ‘sample’ chambers. This two-cell instrument therefore assures valid data arising from the bioluminescence-based bioassay when screening for toxicity:

  • the use of live bacteria inherently yields decaying and varying amounts of light over time even in minutes, thus measuring a sample at the same time as the control throughout the screening process is imperative to discount errors and false conclusions;
  • additionally, the exposure of the biosensor to the chemical extractant used in the bioassay inherently also reduces light output, another effect which necessitates measuring a control and the sample simultaneously to obtain valid results;
  • a temperature-controlled enclosure ensures consistency of the biosensor’s light output for reliability of test results in all seasonal conditions.

The consumables:

The consumables, produced in-house, include:

  • innovative extraction know-how which ensures separation of the toxic (hydrophobic) contaminants from the soil, and then presentation of the separated contaminants to the responsive biosensor in a manner which in itself is not toxic to the biosensor;
  • pre-prepared ‘control’ for use in combination with the sample to provide scientifically valid and relevant data;
  • the biosensor (V. fischeri), in a freeze-dried state, produced in-house to a high specification.

Overall, the PTS two-cell system and technology assures a measure of toxicity alone, not otherwise compromised or reflecting a measure of other distorting factors. More...