The Company provides an onsite, rapid and low-cost diagnostic system – the Portable Toxicity Screen (PTS) - for the quick screening of toxicity in contaminated soil, in particular, for the remediation, construction, energy and related industries. The technology uses an innovative soil extraction process and a naturally luminescent biosensor to detect organics including oil and related products.

The PTS platform technology provides an overview of soil toxicity that can save considerable time and cost to facilitate remediation decisions. The technology is designed to detect toxicity arising from Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPHs), as well as certain pesticides, in soil and similar environments e.g., sand and sludge.

The PTS can be especially cost-saving when used in conjunction with traditional chemical analysis which identifies specific components of contaminants but not their toxicity, particularly in wide or vast land areas.

The PTS provides an on-site 12-minute screening test to determine and locate soil contamination ‘hotspots’ such as from one-off spills, or in land areas before and after soil remediation action. An integrated GPS module provides the ability to also maintain an audit trail. In addition, these results from the PTS can be used with commercial-off-the-shelf GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software, to produce toxicity maps to further assist remediation decision-making.

The PTS system comprises the instrument (two chambers) and related consumables. 52 Biotechnology Ltd provides different options to suit the requirements of our clients, including to buy, rent or lease the PTS instrument or provide a screening service. Consumables specific to using the PTS instrument are sold separately.

52 BioTechnology Ltd has a corporate and business strategy that includes marketing development and sales support as well as research and development for enhancing product range while continuing to improve the distinctive PTS system.

PTS technology in action.
The Portable Toxicity Screen (PTS)